Stephen King – IT

In a world where creative minds are hard to find, the wits of figures like Stephen Hunt deserve more than just appreciation. For over four decades now, the entire world has been treated to unprecedented thrill and excitement from the franchise that is Stephen King movies. King’s captivating short stories, novellas and novels have all been used to create dozens upon dozens of movies. Some of the most popular among these Stephen King movies include Storm of the Century, Secret Window, The Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me. However, one of the most outstanding movies has to be Stephen King IT. This is a two part movie based on the 1986 United States’ bestseller novel, It.

• Adaptation
King’s landmark horror novel, It, had previously been adapted for television in 1990. The miniseries was set in 1958, with Tim Curry starring as the evil form-shifting entity Pennywise. The film version however is set in the present. Like it has been for many other Stephen King movies, Warner Bros took charge of the production of Stephen King Movies. The script was left to the experienced hands of refined script expert Dave Kajganich. With the 1990 miniseries still remaining the cherished horror experience for many who were young then, there is no doubt that Stephen King IT is the epitome of these popular movies.

• Creative Plot
Stephen King movies are notorious for their unpredictable yet very captivating plots. Stephen King IT revolves around the tale of a sadistic creature which adopts the guise of a smiling clown to terrify the residents of a small town in the US, this creature which is simply referred to as ‘It’ entices kids only to end up torturing them to their end. The main protagonists are members of the ‘The Losers Club’, otherwise referred to as ‘The Seven’. You will be treated to a thrilling tale that is bound to excite and scare you in equal measure.

Unlike many Stephen King movies, this one takes place in two settings. The first time is when the Losers first come to discover and confront ‘It’, convinced that is a problem already buried. In the second part, they are called twenty seven years later to defeat ‘It’, the chunk of the Stephen King IT plot. Will they survive the antics of the extreme sadist in Pennywise? No need for a spoiler; look out for It and you can be sure it is more than worth your time.

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