Action Movies – It is Time to Act

Who doesn’t love watching a great b-grade action movie? And who doesn’t love being able to stream them live to your phone, tablet, laptop, PC or other internet capable device? – We all do and thankfully we can! Here are 3 b-grade action movies you can watch online – now – free!

Dragon Crusaders

Dragon Crusaders was released in 2001 and runs for 1 hour 30 minutes. In Dragon Crusaders we see a group of fugitive Knights Templar’s attacking a pirate ship, as they do this they are cursed and turned into hideous monsters. To fight this curse and ultimately save the world the knights must defeat the wizard-dragon who is determined to destroy the world. Dragon Crusaders stars – Dylan Jones, Cecily Fay, Feth Greenwood, Shinead Byre and Tony Sams.

Shark Week

Shark Week was released in 2012 and runs for 1 hour 29 minutes. Losing his son in a drug accident gone wrong a wealthy madman kidnaps the group of people responsible for his son’s death. This group of complete strangers now find themselves stranded on his island compound. Here they find themselves having to survive a barrage of increasingly deadlier species of sharks; the group must successfully pass these tests or die trying. The wealthy man is able to watch the goings-on thanks to cameras and microphones set up allowing him to communicate with his captives. The group’s size begins to shrink as others die…. Shark Week stars Yancy Butler, Patrick Bergin, Joshua Michael Allen, Bart Baggett and Erin Coker.

Savage Justice

Savage Justice was released in 1989 and runs for one hour 22 minutes. Savage Justice is set in The Philippines at a time of chaos and revolution. Sarah is the ambassador’s daughter, and when her father is killed by armed marauders Sarah is kidnapped and taken to the terrorist training camp run by Sanchez who is a sadistic leader who beats, tortures brainwashes and rapes Sarah into submission. Meanwhile Rick a former soldier who is looking to escape his past is living on a rice farm with his wife, until Sanchez kills Rick’s wife. Rick and Sarah team up to defeat Sanchez and his gang, can they do it alone or do they need to find help from an unlikely source? Savage Justice is a typical b-grade movie – low budget, laughable dubbing, and all the machine gun firing you could ever wish for with the plot taking a turn when our heroes Rick and Sarah call into a Shaolin Monk temple for help. Savage Justice stars Julia Montgomery, Steven Memel, Ruel Vernal, Ester Chavez and Millicent Bautista