Stephen King Bio

Born on 21st September 1947, Stephen King was a surprise addition to this family because doctors had already concluded that his mother could not bear any children. He was born at the Maine General Hospital which is in Portland Maine and he is well known for numerous Stephen King movies. He has an older adopted brother David King who was adopted 2 years prior to his birth. Donald Edwin King and Ruth Pillbury King were his parents and his was a typical family with the usual upheavals and day to day difficulties. This was until one night when his father said he was going to stop out for some cigarettes and that was the last they heard of him.

Afterwards, Ruth took the mandate of bringing up the family with the help of family. Through the years, they traveled to different states until they moved to Durham in 1958. Stephen King Bio highlights some of the things he went through in order to get to where he currently is. It is clear that what King has did not come easy.

The Beginning of His Career
It was not until 1959 that Stephen King’s career begun. He worked alongside his brother David King and together, they started a local newspaper known as Dave’s Rug. It was David who bought the mimeograph and when they created the paper, they sold it at 5 cents per issue. This also marked the beginning of Stephen King movies.

Earlier Writings
Stephen King bio would be incomplete if some of his earlier works were not mentioned. In this case, in 1963 with the help of Chris Chesley they managed to publish 18 short stories which were called ‘People, Places and Things-Volume I’. Some of these stories included, ‘The Dimension Warp, Am Falling, The Thing at the Bottom of the Well and the Cursed Expedition’. From the early stages of his career, it was clear that he was designed for greatness though no one would have imagined he would end up with a long list of Stephen King movies.

When it comes down to Stephen King movies fans are spoilt for choice because these are quiet varied and it is for this reason that his popularity has continued to grow over the years. Note that the list of Stephen King movies did not begin until some time in 1976 when most of his work started getting acclaimed for movies.

The following are some of the earlier Stephen King movies.
• Carrie: This was released in 1976
• Salem’s Lot: It dates back to 1979
• The Shining: 1980
• There are several movies which were released in 1983 include Cujo, Christine and Dead Zone.

From that point on Stephen King movies became popular and this is mainly because his books are filled with suspense and drama. His ability to perform so well stems from his dedication to become the best. Apart from Stephen King movies, he also has a solid education. It is probably due to this fact that Stephen King Bio is comprised of many Stephen King movies.

King attended Lisbon High School. A year after the publication of his short stories his amateur press Triad along with Gaslight Books managed to publish a 2 part book that was titled ‘The Star Invaders’. Later on, he attended Maine University, which is at Orono. It was at the university that he met Tabitha Spruce, who she later married in 1971. Before this, he got his bachelors degree in Science. He has also starred as an actor in majority of the Stephen King movies. Some of the Stephen King movies he starred in include The Pet Sematary as the priest in 1989, sleepwalkers as the cemetery caretaker in 1992 and the Stand as the boarder guide in 1994.

Stephen King movies will continue to gain popularity even as the years carry on since his work is rated among the best.