Stephen King horror movies

Stephen King at the Harvard Book Store.
Stephen King at the Harvard Book Store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week we took a look at the horror movies Stephen King produced. I must say he has quite a bountiful repertoire of writings and many inspired movies. This video shows off his best horror movies. Before you go off and watch it, I suggest you list at least 10 Stephen King movies you know. If you are a fan though, you can list which you think are the top picks from his filmography. I wonder if you will guess at least five!

As is common with his books, Stephen is a master of story telling and each of these movies is a story in itself. Sometimes it is quite hard to recognize his writing style because it is so customized to telling a particular story. Frankly, some books, if they did not have his name on them, I could not recognize at all! And that is a trait of a good writer.

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