Top five Stephen King movies


Read about the top five best Stephen King movies.

5: The Shawshank Redemption (1994): An additional Finest Photo candidate, and a regular populist option for the Greatest of Perpetuity. Work through the overhype and you’ll discover a great motion picture regardless.


“I loved it a lot that I took my partner to Zihuatanejo on our honeymoon! Unfortunately, I didn’t see Red. I never ever reviewed this narrative, so for me, I do not truly connect it to being a “Stephen King” job, which is perhaps why I like it a lot?”– Mark Graham


“I’m probably undervaluing this since of just how much the general public at large has turned it into The Motion picture, however it’s still an actually good movie, with some wholehearted efficiencies.”– Todd VanDerWerff

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4: Dolores Claiborne (2001): Extremely underrated movie, extremely undervalued Kathy Bates performance. She plays a Maine female who falls under extreme suspicion for killing her longtime company, and in the consequences, long-buried tricks come to light.


“Has any person even seen this? It’s surprisingly strong.”– Todd VanDerWerff


“Where, I ask you, was Kathy Bates’ Oscar nomination? Or Christopher Plummer’s? What can be a pure retribution fantasy is rather shaded with deep, dark emotion, and I get taken in by it whenever I see.”– Mark Blankenship


3: Misery (1990): Another great Kathy Bates efficiency– this one justly rewarded with a Best Actress Oscar. A few of the most unforgettable images in all of scary.


“Kathy Bates makes this one all by herself. Without her, it doesn’t work, however who cares, due to the fact that it has her.”– Todd VanDerWerff


“How can a film that brought the principle of “hobbling” to the mainstream be anything however outstanding? Played by the fantastic Kathy Bates, the character of Annie Wilkes has ended up being the poster child for fixation gone terribly wrong. Who understood fandom could be so disturbing?”– Karen Kemmerle


“The trouble with most of these Stephen King filmic adjustments is that they can not compare to the source product, especially when stated source product is an actual novel (versus the lots of novella adjustments on this list). Misery is still the scariest book that I have ever reviewed, and as scrumptious as Kathy Bates’s efficiency as Annie Wilkes is in the film is, it cannot compare to the feeling of horror that still rattles through my bones when I imagine that character.”– Mark Graham


“I understand a lot of people think the motion picture goes on too long with Annie being too difficult to kill for awhile however I’m so involved it by then I’m not thinking straight. And Kathy Bates should have that Oscar– the movie teeters to misogyny sometimes and just by high force of her will does she keep Annie one bitchly cow corn this side of human.”– Jason Adams


2: The Shining (1980): For numerous, this is THE terrifying movie. That’s what’ll occur when you get Stanley Kubrick behind the cam and Jack Nicholson in front of it.


“I can just assume that Stephen King would be mucho pissed to see this at the top of the list, however it’s genuinely the only adaptation on the list that can be considered a work of art. No offense, SK, but # TeamKubrick for life.”– Mark Graham


“This is most likely the very best film on this list, but it’s not a terribly excellent adaptation of Stephen King. (I take place to concur with the author’s grousing about the movie’s problems while still thinking it’s a spectacular adaptation in its own right.) So individuals looking for a pure King experience ought to going in other places. However all others need to see this.”– Todd VanDerWerff


“Is it paradoxical that the very best motion picture based on a Stephen King book is likewise the worst adjustment of a Stephen King book? I do not think so! Everything about it is best, and Stephen King requires to overcome it currently.”– Tyler Coates


“King hates it, and while I understand why King hates it, I don’t care why he dislikes it. And his evaluation of Shelley Duvall’s efficiency is monstrously misplaced. She gives one of the excellent horror film performances in this movie– she is nothing less than the total personification of worry sometimes.”– Jason Adams


1: Carrie (1976): The first Stephen King novel, the very first Stephen King adaptation, and the one that set the requirement. Brian DePalma puts his stamp on it, and Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie deliver some of their most enduring screen efficiencies. Definitely killer ending, too.


“Beautifully overwrought and splendidly stressful, anchored by a star-making efficiency by Sissy Spacek. Not de Palma’s finest movie but darn close.”– Todd VanDerWerff


“A best thing. Okay fine there’s that scene at the tuxedo shop, I’ll give you that. However otherwise, a perfect thing.”– Jason Adams